Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Blog: Upcoming Trip

It's Thursday 5/9/2013, and I am preparing for an upcoming trip to The Philippines! I leave on Sunday and will be visiting there for close to 3 months. I just wanted to get familiar with blogging before I leave because I plan to blog the whole thing! Food, customs, all my travels, etc. I just want to post a few pictures of some of my itinerary for everyone to see!

This is the metro of Manila, the capital of The Philippines. This will be where most of my trip takes place. (pic from

This is Boracay. I am very excited to go here! The beach looks beautiful! I will be celebrating my 24th birthday here this year! (photo from google,com)
This is a photo of the rice terraces in the city of Baguio. (photo from
This is a Filipino dessert called Halo Halo (pronounced Hollow Hollow). I am very excited to try this! (pic from

This is a tarsier (tar-sheer) native to the Philippines. This little primate (yes, primate, like a monkey) can look scary sometimes, but I can't wait to see them in person! You can't touch them though because they say every time they get touched or held, their life span shortens. :( (pic from

I will continue to post pictures throughout my entire trip. I want to use my blog as my journal, so I can keep up with everything I do over the next 3 months! I hope you enjoy my posts and my pictures! :)

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