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Everyday living in Manila: May 22- May 26

Hey everyone!

In my last blog post, I mentioned that we haven't been doing much since Lola Yna is in the hospital. As of today, she is still admitted, but she is looking and feeling a lot better! We are hoping she gets discharged tomorrow!

Most of the time, we are in the hospital with Lola, but when we aren't, we are usually out eating! (imagine that)
So, I decided to fill you guys in on what food we have eaten the past few days. I also wanted to share with everyone a few of the things I have purchased so far on my trip!!

These are some slippers from Baguio that I got for my Lola back in the U.S.! They are hand crafted. 

These are some various key-chains I bought for friends and family from Baguio. 

These are some shorts I bought from Circle-C. A good deal at 150 Pesos a piece! ($3.61 USD)
Circle -C is like a mall with various stores and shops set up inside. It isn't your typical mall. Each person has their own stall or space where they set up and sell their items. Almost everything there is really cheap, and you can barter with the sales people!

I cute dress from Circle-C I bought for 100 pesos! ($2.41 USD)

Some sleep shorts I bought from Landmark inside of Trinoma. Landmark is a well known department store here in the Philippines. Eyen and Kuya Dylan call them my "grandma shorts" haha. I bought them to sleep in. I got them for 40 pesos a piece. (96 cents a piece USD)

I bought these shorts in Vigan at a department store there. They are high-wasted and kinda dressy. I got them for 200 pesos. ($4.82 USD)

My favorite purchase so far! :) Eyen bought me this shirt from the zoo, and it is my favorite!! It cost 200 pesos. ($4.82 USD)

My I <3 Vigan shirt. It cost 100 pesos. ($2.41 USD)

My I <3 Baguio shirt. It cost 100 pesos also. ($2.41 USD)

My cute new flats! I got them from Circle-C for 240 pesos. ($5.78 USD)

My other cute flats from a shop on Session Road in Baguio City. They cost 235 pesos. ($5.66 USD)

Eyen's really cute loafers she got from the same store in Baguio City. They cost 130 pesos. ($3.13 USD)

This is a little change purse I got from Vigan City to put all of our spare change in. It cost 20 pesos! (48 cents USD)

This is from Shakey's which is a very well known pizza place in the Philippines. It is an American pizza place, but there are actually more stores in the Philippines than in the U.S.! Pictured is the food they are known for. They are called Mojos, and they are like potato wedges, and served with a garlic ranch dip. They were really good!

This is a large pizza! It surprised us because in the U.S. a large is HUGE! We did a half crunchy pepperoni and half Bianca, which is a white sauce with Canadian bacon and green peppers.  

They have a small game room at Shakey's, and Eyen and I beat the basketball high score! I won some crayons. -.-

The Shakey's man!

This is some side street food that Eyen and Kuya got us for dinner. I thought it was neat how it was wrapped in banana leaves. Side street food is just food you can order from people off the street.. Crazy, huh?

This is Daiing na Bangus. (Da-ing nah bong-oos) I have eaten it before and posted about it in other blog posts. It is a dried milk fish. 

This is binagoongan. (Ben-a-go-o-gun). It is pork with shrimp paste served with rice. 

These are our plates before lunch. They bring us regular silverware, but we don't use them. We bring our own disposable  ones, just in case the regular ones don't get washed properly. 

I asked for 7 up, and this is what I got. -.-
Maybe they're trying to tell me something...

This is a seafood soup from Marina's. It is different seafoods in a milk sauce. It was sooooo good! 

Fresh oysters baked with cheese and spices. Delish!

Eyen's plate after eating...

My plate after eating. I guess I need that diet 7 up after all. >_> #fatguh

Christmas LeBron's on shelves and on sale! #nohype

PDF Kobe's too. 

She's cool. 

The awesome mango bravo we had for dessert from Contis in Trinoma. It is mango cake with whipped cream and other delicious ingredients! 
Went to Time Zone inside of Trinoma and had some fun! Eyen is really good at the basketball game! 

Future MJ. ;)

One of the games in Time Zone.. It's all food! Proof they love food here. :]

King Corn! The best Filipino elote you can find. 

All the snacks we bought for our stay at the hospital. I love all the pik nik so far! 

Another side street dinner. Grilled pork chops and gravy with rice. Very sarap! (For those of you who don't remember, sarap means "tastey" in Filipino)

Mamon (ma-mone), ensaymada (in-say-mah-dah), and bubble tea for breakfast. Mamon is a sweet bread, and ensyamada is a Filipino delicacy, kind of like a cheese Danish. 

Eyen with one of her friend's baby. She was a cutie! Except when we clawed my face off. -.- 

Which one is the baby? Haha. Her name is Anya. 

She didn't want to hold still. 

A night with Eyen's childhood friends! A group of very fun and nice people! (And females that can hold their alcohol O.O well, besides Becky.. Haha)

Acacia estate that we stayed at. It was very nice and affordable! 2,500 pesos a night. ($60.20 USD)

Today we had lunch at Good Fellas. It was so good! One of the best meals we have had so far. The restaurant was very clean, and it was decorated with neat mafia memorabilia and pictures.

The names on the menu were unique and clever. The "codfather". 

Bambino Ribs. I loved just reading the menu!

A cute, chubby mafia kid on their menu. 

I ordered the "Boss Plate" Bonnie and Clyde.

Eyen ordered their specialty buger, the Good Fella burger. It was actually the cheapest burger on the menu! Usually a specialty burger is more expensive. 

This tea was awesome! I've noticed that tea here in the Philippines is different from tea in the South. Call me a disgrace, but I am not a fan of sweet tea. I have liked every tea I have ordered here in The Philippines! 

The Bonnie and Clyde. Steak and shrimp with garlic rice. So good! 

The Good Fella burger. Eyen really enjoyed it. I tasted it, and the beef patty was delicious!

For dinner, we decided to walk across the street of the hospital and ate at a place called Chicken at Baboy. (Baboy means pig in Filipino) This is the fried pork chop with rice that I ordered. 

Eyen had Inihaw na liempo. (E-knee-how nah lee-Em-po) It is grilled pork served with rice. 

For dessert, Special Halo-Halo! (Partially melted)

So, this is what we have been doing the past few days! Just eating and keeping Lola company. We always try to make the best out of it...  <3

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  1. So glad you are having a good time! Hope Lola is much better soon & out of the hospital.(hopefully she is out already)
    Enjoying the blog. Love you! Be careful!