Friday, May 31, 2013

Crab Buffet! May 31

Hello again!

I know it is soon for another post, but I wanted to share our experiences for today with you guys while they were still fresh on my mind! I also want to keep up with the blog more regularly for my family, friends, and readers. :)

Today we decided to ride the train for the first time! It was fun, and it is much quicker than riding a taxi if you're going far. We went to the fanciest mall in Manila, Greenbelt Mall. It is like 5 different malls plus Landmark, SM, and Glorietta. (8 malls or so). There were actually a lot of foreigners there. The most I have seen so far!

Lola Yna made us breakfast this morning. :) Fried egg with corn beef; one of Eyen's favorites.

Well... It's upside down, but you can still see what it is. haha. This is Eyen's shirt she bought yesterday from Green Hills. It cost 100 pesos. (2.37 USD)

This is my shirt I got yesterday. It cost the same as Eyen's. :)

I got both of these from Circle C. Together, they cost 200 pesos. (4.74 USD or $2.37 a piece!)

My high waisted shorts I got yesterday. They cost 150 Pesos. (3.55 USD)

My new shoes! :D yeeeeeee!! shoe fanatic! They cost 300 Pesos. (7.11 USD)

My other shoes I got from SM. They cost 250 pesos. (5.92 USD), and my leggings I got from Green Hills for 150 pesos. (3.55 USD)

We ate a lot today... starting with these! They are lobster balls from Pot Dog. (like hot dog) They were really good! 

All of our food. haha. More balls from Pot Dog, fries from Potato Corner, and a ham and cheese waffle from Famous Belgium Waffles. YUM!!

These are squid ball, kikiam ball, and fried saomai. The fried saomai was good, the others were MEH. 

The ham and cheese waffle sandwich was so good, I decided to get another one! Only this time, I got peanut butter with a hot chocolate. hehe. The pic on the right is how they made the waffles. They were really fast employees!

We always go to Time Zone to kill time. This is like that coin game you can play at game places, only with food and candy! haha. 

For dinner, we went to The Red Crab. It is an all you can eat crab and seafood buffet!! It was delicious! This buffet is different in the sense that you can't have any leftovers. They charge 200 Pesos for every ounce of leftovers. O.O

Fresh fish, squid, shrimp, and clams. Nom Nom Nom

Cracking the crab in front of us. 

 These photos are ROUND 1!!! YUMMMMMM!!!! The top crab is flavored szechuan. (sez-shu-juan) It is a tangy flavor. Very sarap! The bottom crab is butter ginger. It wasn't as tasty. I had some little shrimps too. :)

 This is ROUND 2! Same flavor as before.
And these are ROUND 3!!! More crabs and Halo-Halo made by me! :) We ate a total of 8 crabs. Eyen ate about 6 and I had about 2. I bet they never want to see us again. >:]

The steaming hot towels they gave us after the meal. They smelled good! 

 The mall was very beautiful! I wish I could have snapped some pics during daylight, but I wasn't able to. This will have to do. 

I wanted to get this shirt for my BFF, but they didn't have her size. :( WAHHHH!

The wallet I got from Vegan (pictured right) completely fell apart.. haha. So Eyen bought me a new one!! I <3 Cupcakes. :)

I got these glasses when we visited Baguio (late upload). They are fake, obviously, but I liked the lime green. haha. They used to say "Bones" on the side, but I rubbed it off, so it would look less fake. lol

Tomorrow we are planning on taking a trip to Trinoma to a travel agency to see what trip we want to take next. We will probably be going to Corregidor next week. (Hopefully) It will be a short trip, like 2 days. After that, we are hoping to make a trip to Bohol! I will keep you guys updated! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Manila: May 27- May 30

Hello again!

So, it's been a few days since I last posted. We still haven't been doing much, so we can take care of Lola. But good news... She is out of the hospital! She is resting comfortably at home. (When I say resting, I mean cleaning the whole house and doing her normal routine. lol) Thank you to everyone who kept her in your thoughts and prayers!

Here is what we have been up to the past few days.. The usual. EATING. :)

This is pork soimai. (show-my). It is from a place called Hap Chan across from the hospital. It is a typical Chinese restaurant. 

This is soyed cold cut squid. It was very unusual. The texture is really rubbery, and it is served in soy sauce. 

This is Lola's porridge from Hap Chan. It has century egg in it. 

My non-alcoholic orange juice that tasted like vodka. O.O

This is my breakfast from the pancake house. 

The Eyen face.. She used to smile like this as a kid. haha

Eyen's food from Pancake house. (and her plastic fork lol) It is called crispy bacon with asparagus and mushroom tagliatelle. (fancy)

Loaded with cheese for the mouse! 

Lola's poor hand from the iv. :(

This is a hidden gem we found near the hospital! I'm not sure what the place is called, and it is sad that we found it the last day we were there. This is honey glazed chicken. It is from the side street near the hospital. 

This is cajun chicken with potatoes. So good! 

Eyen in front of the fountain.

Fountain! This is in a fancy shopping center we found. When Eyen lived here 4 years ago, only the sign was up showing that it would be built. Glad we got to see it! 

I look like a boy. haha. 

We ate at a Japanese restaurant called Omakase.. And this was a group of white people! lol

We thought the walls were cute. 

Eyen with the drinks.

She is mad when she's hungry.. It runs in the family haha

This is the beef bento box! It was worth it! It came with rice, beef pieces, sushi (salmon, tuna, ebi), fish tempura, potato salad, miso soup, and dessert. It only cost 395 pesos! ($9.42 USD)

A close up of the sushi. It was so fresh!

Eyen was really excited to order this! It is called Sukiyaki. It is hard to come across in the U.S.. This one is beef with veggies, tofu, and fresh egg! 

Happy for food! 

The dessert; vanilla ice cream, Filipino style. Better than U.S. in my opinion! 

This is pancit Malabon. (pan-seat Mal-a-bone, Malabon is a place) It is a Filipino type of lo mein. It is from a famous place recommended by Tita Maggie. (Eyen's mom) 

"It is so cheap to have lung cancer here..." - Kuya Dylan
It is about $1.33 pack USD. WHOA! 

In the U.S. it is "popular" to be dark. You see all kinds of tanning lotions, tanning beds, etc. Here in the Philippines, it is opposite. You will see all kinds of whitening lotions. I thought that was neat and interesting. 

My ice tea from Lamesa grill. Here in the Philippines, most places don't offer free refills. You have to pay for "bottomless" drinks. (No sharing, either!)

Our lunch from Lamesa grill. Seafood platter. It had squid, mussels, shrimp, and fish. (It was already cold when they served us. wahhh)

A job fair they were having inside of Trinoma. 

Gelato from Gelatissimo. It was good! I had peanut brittle chocolate, and Eyen had hazelnut.
We went to watch The Great Gatsby 2 days ago, and these were our snacks! haha. It is cool here because you can take drinks and snacks into the theater from anywhere! 

Fried potato chips, sour cream and bbq flavor, from Taters. 

Sour cream and chives and nacho cheese popcorn from Taters. YUM 

A Jamaican patty. It was cheezy beef. Very very good! It reminded me of an empanada. 

Eyen holding our snacks. 

Best lemonade I have tasted! Strawberry lemonade from Muscle Beach. 

This shirt reminded me of my best friend... She is always late and loves fringe. haha. 

The Great Gatsby. 

For dinner, we ate at a Greek restaurant called Cyma. It was kind of over priced, and the food was mediocre. This is the spinach and artichoke fondue served with pita and garlic bread. 

This is baby clams angel hair pasta. It tasted kind of bland. 

This is what we had for lunch the next day from my favorite place, Jollibee! This is Kuya's order. He had ultimate burger steak. It is a burger patty served with mushroom gravy on top of french fries. You get rice and egg on the side. 

My peach mango pie Eyen got me. :)

Eyen's food. Rice, fried egg, and beef tapas. 

My food! The Big Burger Champ. 

YUMMY! This is like Jollibee's big mac. 

Our drinks from starbucks. Kuya had a cafe americana, and we had a mango passion fruit smoothie. 

This is the San Agustin church inside of Intramuros. You will see wealthy people buried under the floor of the church. 

This is our lunch from Tokyo Tokyo, a fast food chain in the Philippines. This is the pork tonkatsu and beef misono. It was decent. 

This is Kuya's lunch. It is chicken karage. (ca-ra-gee). 

Eyen's miso soup. 

This is a crab we bought for dinner!! We picked him out ourselves. We went to the wet market, and then took him to be cooked! It was very cool!

He cut him in half to show us that the crab was not empty. It was sad. :( It was still alive as he cut it! 

We also bought some shrimp!

MMMMMM! Garlic butter shrimp and sweet chili crab, picked out fresh and cooked in front of us! 

This is our lunch from today. Pictured are pork spareribs. It is from a place called Causeway. Eyen and her family used to eat here all the time! 

Crab siomai. (show-my) Some of the best I have had!

This is beef soup with brisket and tendons. 

This is Kuya's fried wonton porridge. 

Fried spring rolls. 

For merienda, we had sour cream and chives french fries with calamasi tea from Potato Corner.
We got these while we were at Green Hills, which is a HUGE mall. (A bigger Circle C). Most of the things they sell are knock offs, or they sell cheaper merchandise than you would find in a regular mall. And it is so easy to get lost!! There were actually a lot of foreigners there because they are looking to buy cheap stuff. Very cool! 

Round 2... Cheddar cheese fries. 

Mini Cafe! You put in 10 pesos, and you get a coffee or a hot chocolate just like that! (I ordered hot chocolate and got coffee... ) UGH

So, this is what we have been doing lately! Mostly just eating, but we have also been watching a lot of movies here! We have been to the theater 3 days in a row. First, we watched The Great Gatsby. Then, we watched Fast and the Furious 6. And last, we watched The Hangover 3. All great movies!

We have also been getting a lot of massages. We got one today, and we are getting one for the next 3 days. haha. We bought too many Groupon vouchers. 

We are planning a trip to Corregidor soon! (It's a haunted island... YES!!!) Stay tuned!