Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 2 in Manila

I wanted to do my next blog post on driving in Manila because let me tell you, it is something else! But I wasn't able to capture any good pictures of the things I wanted, so I will try to post that one up tomorrow.

Today, Eyen, Lola Yna, Kuya Dylan, and I went to Mega Mall. It was yet ANOTHER huge mall!! I swear they are everywhere! The malls here are so big that I can't keep up with it. Today I was talking about how huge it was. There was 7 different stories! Then Eyen proceeded to tell me we were only in building A... As in there is building A, B, and C!!! Yeah, wrap your brain around that one!

Here are some photos from the day! Just having some fun eating and goofing around. :)

This is sweet corn in a cup with cheese (kind of like elote!) and a green mango smoothie from juice avenue. It was delish! 

These are some nachos with beef from nacho king. They were pretty good. The cheese is really sweet! The dessert we ate was sylvanas. It is a Filipino delicacy. We ate it in honor of Eyen's mom, or Tita as I call her, because it is her favorite! Tita is a Filipino term for "Aunt". You use it to refer to someone older than you, like a mom. Tito is the counter word. 

This is a picture of part of the mall. It is HUGE! 


Where is Katieeeee? These pics were taken in Toy Kingdom. They are awesome statues that look like real people!

Katie <3 Batman

Man of Steel


My fav! 

This one is for Jesse. Naruto!


This one is for Les. Welcome to the Dark Side. 

Just watched Iron Man 3. Great movie!

God of Thunder! 

Eyen sneaked a pic of me climbing up to the superhero busts. hahaha. They were so realistic! 
I was trying to take a pic of all the food places, but the camera I was using wouldn't really let me. There was probably over 50 food places to eat in just their food court alone! In this pic, you can see these little animal things. The pink and grey things in the photo. The kids ride them. They are electronic kind of like a bumper car. 

This is dinakdakan. (dee-nak dah-kahn). It is fried pig parts. Yes, parts. As in, head, face, etc. It is seasoned with different spices and served with rice. 

Here we have pork liempo (liem-po) and Baliwag lechon manok. (Ball-e-wahg le-chone mah-noke) Manok is Filipino for chicken. Pork liempo is fried pork belly and eaten with Mang Tomas sauce. (mahng toe-mas). Mang Tomas is made specifically for Lechon, but it tastes good with almost anything! The Baliwag lechon manok is a Filipino Rotisserie chicken. Baliwag is the brand, which is very famous here in the Philippines. 

This is deep fried bagnet with a red salted egg, Java rice,
and Mang Tomas sauce. Bagnet is a Filipino chicharones.
Chicharones is like pork rinds in the U.S. This one has more
meat and fat. This specific dish is a specialty in the North Philippines.
This is siomai. (show-my). It is a Chinese pork dumpling.
This is one of Eyen's favorites. It's called Marzipan. It is a mixture of sugar, honey, and cashews.

This is a pic of the grocery store. The whole line of stores is 99% places to eat! This is INSIDE of the grocery store!!!

This is Lola Yna with her Pancit (Pahn-seet) for merienda. (merry-end-a). Merienda is a spanish term for snack time. 

This is Pancit Malabon (pahn-seet mah-la-bone). It is a Filipino stir fried noodle dish. 

We were super tired. Our bodies are still on U.S. time!

This is Lola Yna, myself, and Eyen before Merienda. 

Lola Yna and Eyen with their food. 

This is Pancit Malabon with Tokwa't baboy. (toke-what bah-boy). Tokwa is a Filipino term for Tofu and baboy is Filipino for pig. So, it is fried tofu with pig served with a special sweet sauce.

Hopefully today I will be able to take some good pictures of the driving here in Manila. Tomorrow we will be traveling to Baguio! It is a six hour drive from Manila. It is in the mountains, and i will be able to see native Filipinos in their national costume! It is going to be a cool experience from the normal Manila. The weather is cooler (50-60 degrees F), and it is the strawberry capital of the Philippines! Stay tuned!

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