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Baguio City, Philippines: May 17- May 19

Hello everyone!!!

Sorry for the delay with the blog. I was having some technical issues, and we had to admit Lola into the hospital. She is ok though! Mostly just precautionary measures.

So, we took a trip to Baguio. It was so fun! Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines, and it is located in the mountains. Baguio City was founded by the Americans in the 1900's, and that is why it is so commercialized now. There are plenty of things to do there, and we were able to experience almost everything!

This was on the bus on the 6 hour drive to Baguio.

Eyen and myself on the bus. <3

This looks like a painting. One day, ill enlarge this photo, and frame it. :]

This is a photo Eyen edited. She is so good at it! You can follow her on IG to check out more of her stuff! @eyenoefresh

A storm was rolling in.
Nice view.

We had McDonald's for lunch. I had a double cheeseburger with fries. It tastes almost EXACTLY like in the U.S. lol

Once we got to Baguio, I noticed this Jeepney!! It's Avengers!!

This is the Cosmopolitan hotel. This is where we stayed for our trip. It was a decent hotel for the price. We paid $140 for 2 nights. It is one of the only hotels in the city that can accommodate 4 people in 1 room. Hotels here are very different and strict with the amount of people you book in a room. You have to be very specific.  

A view of inside the room. 

For dinner, we went to David's Tea house. It is a famous Chinese restaurant chain in the Philippines. Pictured is a century egg. Think about that for a second... It doesn't look like an egg; it's black. That is because it is literally a century old egg. O.O yes, I tried it, and it actually wasn't that bad. 

This was my favorite dish from dinner. It is called Pork Asado. It is sweetened strips of pork. Very delicious!

This is bird's nest soup. It is one of the most expensive edible animal products consumed by humans! It is an bird's nest dissolved in water. It tasted like a thick egg drop soup, in my opinion. 

This is Yang Chow fried rice. It isn't much different than regular fried rice. 

This is filled fish with bean curd. Bean curd is fried tofu. This was my next favorite dish, but probably because I have acquired a taste for tofu, thanks to Ate Cassie. :) 

This is beef with bitter melon. Bitter melon is SO BITTER! Imagine that...

This is what we had for dessert. It is fried cuapao (qua-pow) with condensed milk. It is deep fried and kinda crunchy. It is super good! It is also Eyen's brother Leo's favorite! 

All of us at dinner. 

This is Lola Yna pouring the tea. She wanted to take "candid pictures" hehehe

Peace Dawg.


Rock-n-Roll forever. Coolest grandma ever! haha

The malls were actually VERY busy when we were there. That is because it is still summer for students here in the Philippines. Their school resumes on June 3. It is a different schedule than what we are used to!

Random Fact about Baguio: there is a population of over 40,000 Koreans living here. 

A view from our hotel window.

Beautiful architecture. 

A Muslim mosque. 

Further view. 

My very first Jeepney ride!!! 

6:00 a.m. boat ride on the lake! 

bow chicka wow wow. 

Row Row Row your boat...

Consider this her daily exercise... 

She didn't row for very long. <_<

Lake view. This is in Burnham park. We met a really nice older lady on the Jeepney on our way here. There are a lot of people that exercise in the mornings, and she informed us that she goes here to do Tai Chi with a group everyday...

We saw her later on with her "group"... of 2! Her and the instructor! haha. But she was gettin it!

Beauty at it's finest. 

Eyen made me row all the way over to these swans to take a pic. Then the sun was in our eyes. lol




This was the first picture I took in Mines View Park. It is a park that overlooks the city of Baguio! It is very beautiful! Plus, I love doggies. :)

A mountain view from the top. 

This is a story about the ledges of the mountain. Mines View Park used to be a source of income for children. People would travel from all over the world just to see the skills of these children. The children would climb onto the dangerous slopes of the mountains with long pieces of bamboo with a cup or bowl attached to the end. They would balance there while people stood and threw money over the ledges. The children would try to catch the money with their cups. This was how they made their income. It was eventually banned because kids started to get injured and killed. 

So beautiful. 

Another mountain shot. 


We tried to take one of ourselves and the view, and this is what we came up with. 

Well... Eyen made me do this. I dressed up as one of the natives. haha

The girls are supposed to hold a stick with flowers attached to the ends... But c'mon now. I'm a WARRIOR!

I picked the heaviest (and biggest) shield. haha


Such a girly pose. haha


These girls were so cute! And these were the flowers I was supposed to hold. haha


This is dried and grilled pusit. (poo-seat) Pusit is squid. It was really chewy. 

This is Filipino style elote with cheese and butter. 
I had a lot of requests to try this! This is Strawberry Taho. Baguio is the strawberry capital of the Philippines. Thank you, Rachel for suggesting we try this! :)

Our coke and sprite. It isn't as flavorful as back in the U.S. (probably less fattening too)

Eyen and the street food. People will line up on the sides of the street and cook meals for you to buy. 

This is the back of the jeepney. They had karaoke while we were waiting. Did you know that karaoke was actually invented in the Philippines? (The karaoke machine was made in Japan, but the idea is from the Philippines.) They LOVE their karaoke! I will do a separate post on that later on :)

This is a boy in traditional dress. (minus the non-traditional headphones)

Fruit smoothie. 

Loved this sandwich place!

We had a creamy tuna sandwich. The bread is more like a Pita bread than regular bread. So good!

A cool shot I took while we were riding up to Tam-Awan village. As you can see, houses and shops are built right into the side of the mountain. It was very cool. 

The concept kind of reminded me of Fayetteville, AR because the roads are literally always on hills! 

These are steps leading up to the Tam-Awan Village.

Girls in traditional native dress. 

Boys in traditional native dress. 

These women were weaving clothing. It was very neat to watch!

Now this was cool to witness! This is a man getting a traditional tattoo from one of the tribe women! As you can see, they take a stick with a nail on the end, and bang it into your skin. Every tattoo is very meaningful to the tribe. It signifies strength and honor. Most of the women from the tribe have tattoos. It is a very sacred thing for them. 

I don't know what this is, but it looked cool. 

View from the top of the village. 

She decided to go hiking in her ALL WHITE Air Force One's... after it rained!

So, Eyen and I decided (well I decided) we were going to hike to the very top of the village to see something called the dream catcher!.. Well.... that's it. This is the dream catcher. 

We had pizza hut for dinner :)

Lola posing with the Red Tea. 

Eyen wanted to visit this holy place with "like 1000 steps!" There were 259 steps. haha


Butterfly sanctuary.

There was about 5 butterflies in the whole thing. >_>

I tried to take a pic of a butterfly, but got Eyen instead lol. 

Kuya Dylan doing the zipline. 


Then he repelled down the side! 

Ready for the apocalypse. 

I hit a lot of targets! Eyen and Kuya Dylan were amazed :) 

Eyen is ready! (Not)

Kuya ready to shoot!

Eyen missing targets.

Kuya Dylan hitting some targets. 

Now... This is the main event and highlight of our trip! The ziplining, repelling, butterfly sanctuary, and paintball was all done at Camp John Hay. It is a park that was built while the American's were settled here. This is the best part!! Brace yourself! 

Now featuring... LOLA YNA!

These can caption themselves. SO FUNNY! It was a great time. She had a blast, and we had a blast watching her do it. Coolest woman out there! 

This is Filipino style orange juice we had for breakfast. It was sweet compared to regular orange juice. 

This is garlic fried rice, with fried egg, and tocino. (Toe-see-no). It is a sweetened pork. All of these things compliment each other! I loved it so much, I ate it for breakfast the next day too. haha

"candid photo"

The best hot chocolate I have had so far!

A Japanese candy. It is strawberry and chocolate. 

If you take the bus to different cities, people will actually get on the bus to sell you things (mostly snacks). For example, on our way to Vigan, we got banana chips, Camote chips, and fried peanuts. Yummy!

This sums up our trip to Baguio. It was so fun and so worth the trip! Once we were finished in Baguio, Kuya Dylan had to return back to Manila to work. Eyen, Lola, and I went on to a place called Vigan (pronounced Vegan). One of our really good friends, Ana, is from there, so we had an idea of what to do there. OMG I had so much fun there, and I can't wait for you guys to see it! PLEASE STAY TUNED because the next blog will be an awesome one!!!! :D

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