Monday, June 3, 2013

Ace Water Spa (and June 1- June 3)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, Eyen took me to a place called Ace Water Spa (for my birthday month hehe), and we had a good time! You aren't able to take pictures while inside of the spa, but I was able to snap a few before we left.

The only thing you can really see in this pic is the large indoor lap pool, but to the right is the spa. I pulled some pictures from their website to show you guys our experience! 

In this photo, you can see all the different stations you can go to. They have all different kinds of therapy. Some for legs, some for arms, even some for your butt! ;)

This photo shows the actual spa we went to. (There are different locations) It has a lazy river, different stations, and even a buffet. As you can see, everyone is required to swear a swim cap. We looked bald! haha

This is the Rainfall Acupuncture. It was really neat! It massages you with different levels and pressures of rainfall. 

This is the little children's play area they have. I slid down the slide, and it is actually really fun! 

This was my favorite part of the trip! This isn't exactly what ours looked like, but it is the only picture I could find that showed the different colors. These are the herbal pools. There are actually four different pools, and you go in a cycle. The pools are in a square shape and in the middle of the pools is a freezing cold pool. Each pool has a different temperature and a different herb in the pool. Mint, Jasmine, and Lavender are the important herbs they use. As you can see in the picture, there are metal bars you rest your head on. The bars are kept cold to regulate your body temperature. You dip into all the pools (least hot to hottest), and when you are finished, you submerge yourself in the freezing cold pool. It was so cool!  

Ace Water Spa was very neat because I have never experienced anything like that before. They also have steam rooms and saunas. I would definitely go back!

Other than the spa, we have been eating, mostly. (surprise!) Tomorrow we are going to Manila Ocean Park (which I'm super excited about!). I will get to have a penguin encounter! :D

This is breakfast that Lola made us. Fried spam with garlic fried rice. This is a typical Filipino breakfast, and it is GOOD!

This is lunch that Lola also made. It is rice with adobo. Filipino adobo is a dish and process that includes seasoning and marinating a meat. It is could unofficially be called the national dish of the Philippines. 

This is oil and garlic pasta with ham and bacon from a place called Veneto. Eyen and her family used to come to this exact spot when she was younger to eat. The same people still work here from 4 years ago!

She hungry! 

The pizza we ordered. Half seafood pesto, half mushroom puttanesca. It was very good!

An up close photo of the seafood pesto pizza. 

The following day we had lunch at Cafe Bola. It serves contemporary Filipino dishes. Here we have spaghetti with baby crab fat, fish roe, and asparagus. 

This is adobo flakes with rice and kesong puti (kay-song poo-tee). Kesong puti is "white cheese". 

This from Ma Mami House inside of Trinoma. It is jumbo soamai. They were huge!

This is beef mami. It is kind of like Filipino style pho. It is a noodle soup with beef. 

This is a rocky road blizzard from DQ! 

This is from a place called Mr. Kabob. It is ox brain... literally ox brain. It tastes kind of like crab fat, and it is really high in cholesterol. 

This is beef kema. You eat it with the ox brain. 

This is a kabob plate with beef, tomato, and pita bread. 

This is the same beef kabob plate except with butter rice. 

This is another breakfast Lola cooked for us. It is fried egg, vienna sausage, torta (ground meat omelette), and rice. :) Eyen also included tomato garlic basil paste with bruchetta. 

After the spa, we went to eat at Healthy Shabu Shabu. (sha-boo sha-boo). 


We had beef tenderloin, seafood platter, and veggie platter. :) 

This is the seafood platter. Shrimp, squid, oysters, fish, and sea cucumber. 

The veggie platter. It includes tofu, noodles, and squid balls. 

Eyen mixing up her sauce. 

The beef tenderloin. 

We eat a lot. 

The beef tenderloin in the soup. 

My large shrimp friend. 

Eyen trying the sea cucumber for the first time. 

For dessert, I had Halo Halo, only this one was different! It was full of fruits and is healthy for you. It was so good! 

We have a privilege card now. :)

We had dippin dots for dessert. Banana split, cafe au lait, and java delight. They have more unique flavors here in the Philippines, but I still prefer the U.S. because they have chocolate. lol

A few pictures from inside of the Shang ri La mall. It is an international chain. 

I can't wait for this movie to come out!

For those of you who didn't know, I'll be attending college in the fall... At MU! haha. 

Our breakfast this morning thanks to Lola. :) Corned beef, rice, and egg. 

This little guy decided to join us this morning... A lizard! He scared us to death. He is somewhere inside the room, and we aren't sure where he went. O.O

As I said before, tomorrow we are going to Manila Ocean Park! I am super excited. If you are an animal lover, you'll want to read the next blog! Even if you don't love animals, but you love food, you'll still want to read it! :) 

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