Friday, June 7, 2013

Manila Ocean Park

Hey guys!

We finally made it to Manila Ocean Park today (Friday, June 7), and we had the times of our lives!! It was SO MUCH FUN! I got to experience things that I never thought I would in my lifetime! I can't wait to share it with you guys. :) Since I took so many pictures, I decided to consolidate some so the blog post won't be so long. Enjoy!!

Eyen and the entrance to the park. It was neat!


The top left is a Giant Arapaima. (No idea what it is, but it was huge!) The top right is a tank full of piranhas. The middle left is a crocodile! The middle right is a tank with fish and sting rays. The bottom left are seahorses. The bottom right it a Longhorn Cowfish. 

Can you see them?! I'm not sure what they are, but they blend in so well! 

These are Striped Eel Catfish. 

Little Nemos!!! (Clown fish)

A crustacean. 

A cool looking fish. 

Common Lionfish.

An eel. 

Another eel of a different kind. 

More eels...

These are even eels. haha

A scuba diver!

Eyen with the fish tank. 

A school of fish. 


A shark!!

The fish were above us! 

All different species in one tank. 

Sharks and sting rays. 

She was able to capture my excitement perfectly. haha
Admiring the sharks. 

Too happy! 

Shark's Tale. 

A shark and stingray above us!

This was a really cool experience (see from our faces below). It is called a fish spa. You put your feet into the water, and these little fish suck on your feet and toes. They get your dead skin off! 

Eyen's face= priceless! Ate Cassie told us to make sure we do this while we were here! I'm glad we did! 

I was scared to put my feet in! 

It felt SO weird at first...

But I learned to like it. :) 

I finally talked Eyen into putting her feet in. haha. 

It tickled a lot! 

This is what they are called, Doctor Fish!

This shark was playing with us. He kept blowing water over the side onto us. haha.
We got to go diving with the sharks, stingrays, and other fish!!!! 

Right before I go in!

Eyen before diving in! 

Us down below! As you can see, the people visiting the aquarium can see us! 

This is the sign for "ok" :)

She was just as happy as I was! 

It's actually very difficult to walk underwater. 

We had a blast! 

It looks like we're being chased by that monster of a fish behind us. haha.

A sting ray by Eyen's head! 

More fish!

It was so cool because the fish would come up to our helmets and just stare inside at us. 

Another sting ray! 

Fun Fun! 

Trying to kneel down. lol

We are A OK! 

I'm running out of things to say besides that it was fun. haha

I actually waved at some kids looking inside at us. They waved back. haha


I had so much fun doing this! 

This was Eyen's favorite part of the trip. 

Us trying to walk again. 

My favorite animal!!! :D I was so excited to see them!

I was really surprised to see penguins in the Philippines.

Some really cute penguin art. :)

They are so cute! I wanted to stay in this room forever!! lol. 

It's so cute!!! 

I got to feed the penguins!!!! 

I was super duper excited!! I know that our friend Paige would have LOVED this, too! 

I was TOO happy. haha

I laughed so hard whenever Eyen fed them... She screamed because she thought they were going to bite her. It was hilarious! 

She's having fun. 

She is too goofy! haha. 

I have the same smile in every photo haha. I was so excited to be this close to them I could barely move. hahaha

I kept my fish low so they wouldn't attack me. 

They're so cute! (The penguins, not us.) ha

They kept fighting over the fish. 

I wish I could have fed them more!

The girl told us to give a thumbs up, but there aren't any penguins in the pick. >_>

These next few photos are from an All star bird show they put on at the Manila Ocean Park. It was actually really neat. I will explain what is going on in the pic since it is kind of hard to tell. 

In these 2 pictures, a parrot is raising up a flag by himself! The show was all about how smart birds are and some of the things they can do. 

 In these 2 pictures, the cockatoo was brought out to figure out which bowl was hiding the ball underneath it. He got it right on the first try! 
This was really fun to watch. These are pictures of 2 red scarlet macaws playing basketball against each other! The one on the left is a boy named Bandit, and the one on the right is a girl named Sassy. Boys are supposed to cheer for Bandits, and the girls are supposed to cheer for Sassy. Bandit won, but Sassy challenged him to a 3 ring race. Whoever can get the 3 rings around the pole first, wins!... 

The race started and Bandit picked up 1 ring and put it around the pole, and then proceeded to get the 2nd ring. In the meantime, Sassy picks up all 3 rings at once and puts them on the pole, winning it for the girls! haha. It was a show to prove that girls are smarter than guys. ;) haha

This is a photo of a parrot doing math! The question was 8+7=? He got it right! 

A guest from the audience posing with the cockatoo. 

These are from the bird sactuary. (where cameras aren't technically allowed) hehe

Don't let this creature fool you.. It definitely IS as scary as it looks! >_< I thought we were going to get attacked!

We had about the exact same wing span! haha

The next several photos are from the Sea Lion show that was put on today at the Manila Ocean Park. It was an amazing show! The 2 sea lions are Annie and Isabel, and they are TOO CUTE!

Jumping in the water at the beginning of the show. 

They were so smart. They were clapping and having a good time. 

They were showing how flexible the Sea Lion's neck is and how their fins differ from Seal's fins. 

They put on a good show. 

They were saluting! Did you know that the U.S. Military will actually use Sea Lions in special operations? Sea Lions are great divers and can do undetected by radar. They are smart enough to signal when trouble arises, and they can maneuver around trip wires from enemies! 

I loved watching them do their tricks! 

This was a cute skit they did. Isabel was telling him they had another toy to find, so they went looking for it. Isabel mocked his every move and helped him find the missing toy. 

Scratching their heads trying to figure it out and moving across the stage to check other places. 

Tapping their feet while trying to think. haha. 

Running around and doing tricks.

Now it comes the time for audience participation. "We need an adult volunteer..." Hmmmmmmm.... I wonder who it could be..

YUP. That's correct. It's me! haha. 

Of course I am going to volunteer! :)

A round of applause. hehe. This is Annie the Sea Lion. 

She was cute. 

So, they wanted me to dive in the water first...

Like this.....

I said " O.O"... 

She had to show me how to do it.. 

I asked if I could at least take my shoes off. 

He said "Nope. You have to dive in that exact outfit." hahahaha

I said "Wait... Hold up." hahaha

Luckily, it was just a joke. lol

Shaking hands. 

So next he asked me if I was afraid of her. I answered "No, not yet" 

Then she growled at me and showed me her teeth. 

She scared me. haha

Then he explained that she has teeth, but Sea Lions swallow their food whole. 

These are my intrigued faces. haha

She was so cute! 

Next, I had to throw this fish into her mouth.. If I missed, then I had to catch a fish with my mouth. HAHA

A round of applause before I throw it... 

Needless to say, it's been a while since I played softball. >_<

I missed and she had to go get it. haha. 



I was ashamed. hahaha

Luckily, it was another joke. lol 

She was so cool. I loved playing with her! 

So, she is telling him a secret. 

It is something she wants to do before she says bye to me. 

She was embarrassed to say it. Awww look how cute she is. 

She wanted to give me a kiss... ON THE LIPS!

But she said no tongue. hahaha. Notice her tongue sticking out. 

Just kidding... 

NOT!!! hahaha. 

I actually kissed a Sea Lion ON THE LIPS. HAHAHA. 

I wasn't sure how to react to that. hahaha

But it was fun. 

Sorry Eyen... I didn't mean to cheat. ;) 

She was a cutie. 


I loved my Sea Lion experience. Most people will think that I am crazy for kissing a Sea Lion, but I definitely do not regret it... Even though I smelled like fish the rest of the day. hahahaha. Here are the rest of the pics from our Manila Ocean Park adventure! 

The next exhibit we visited was the jellyfish exhibit. It was very simple, yet artistic. I really liked how they set it up. 

The lights made the jellyfish look majestic. As the colors changed the jellyfish would move around. 

It was really cool. They had a lot of jellyfish! 

I am SO scared of this jellyfish. I have never been stung by one, and I don't want that to happen! 

This part was so cool! 

All of the colors and jellyfish inside of the tubes. They all changed colors.

 We were so intrigued by the whole thing. If you look closely, you can actually see our silhouettes in the mirror of the pictures. :)

The last show we went to was the Penguin Talkshow. It wasn't live penguins. It was a digital animation and puppetry show. It was actually pretty neat.

Over all, the trip today was AMAZING!!!! I had so much fun! Eyen made it all happen, and I can't thank her enough for it! I love animals, and this is something I will remember for a lifetime!! 

I have a few more pics I'll share with everyone. It is mostly just the things we have eaten the past few days since the last blog. Enjoy! 

Having fun with Optimus Prime! 

Lola and Eyen with Optimus. 

I told them to pose like a Transformer... I got the Hulk instead. haha

Lola and myself at lunch. 

The beautiful Lola Yna finally out of the house!! We brought her to the mall to shop for some new shoes and shirts. She found both! We also took her to lunch and to shop at the market. 


Our drinks. Sarsi is a Filipino brand of root beer. 

I just wanted to capture her face. haha

These are pork and veggie dumplings. We ate at a Taiwanese restaurant, but I can't remember the name. 

Salt and pepper squid. Ate Cassie would love it! 

Fried rice. 

Tofu with pork and veggies. 

2 thumbs up! 

hehehehehehe >:] I learned from Eyen. 

The restaurant. 

It was really nice. 

Us grubbing on the food! 

This looks like some kind of creature out of a Stephen King movie! It's a huge shrimp, but it gave me the chills it was so huge. 

We went to watch Will and Jaden Smith's new move "After Earth", and these were our seats! VIP! :) Kicked off our shoes with the recliner. The movie was very good. I would recommend it. 

We met up with our friend Patrick (who is actually visiting from Houston as well!!) at The Coffee Bean. I had the Triple Decker cheesecake and a hot chocolate. 

Later we went to Jack's Loft. It is just a small bistro type place. This is Eyen and Patrick.

The famous Jack's Loft iced tea. It comes in a fish bowl. hehe. 

Loaded fries. 

Chicken salad sandwich... and Patrick lol

Fried calamari. (squid)

Later on, we met up with Eyen's 2 childhood friends Joe and Nikko. We went to this local place where people go to drink and hang out. 

It was fun! 

This is lunch from the other day from Trattoria Gourmet's. We had a meat lover's and seafood lover's pizza. 

This is lunch from today at the Manila Ocean Park. We had seafood Pad Thai and Soamai. 

Eyen's favorite drink from Quickly. It is chocolate pudding and Taro. It is really good! 

Tonight we ate at Cafe Luna. HUGE MENU. lol 

Loaded Nachos. 

Sinagong soup. (Sour soup with tuna belly and veggies)

BBQ squid and BBQ pork. 

We have had a lot of fun the past few days. I am so happy about all the experiences we have had on our trip so far. I have gotten to see and do so much here. I am happy I am able to share it with everyone as well. I stayed up late just to write this blog for you guys. (It's 1 am here.) 

We are leaving at 6 am tomorrow to head to Corregidor!!! I plan on going on a ghost hunt, so you will want to stay tuned for that one! :)

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