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More in Manila (Pre-birthday celebration!)

Hello again!

I figured it was time for another post, since it's been a while! My mom is probably wondering what I have been doing. :) I know the last post wasn't very exciting, but I wanted to do a little history on the currency.

We are leaving for Bohol TOMORROW! I am SO excited! :D It is going to be the best birthday ever! Speaking of birthday, we pre-celebrated tonight at a place called Dads. It is a crossover buffet which basically means it has all different kinds of food (Filipino, American, Japanese, Korean). It was so fun, and the buffet was awesome!

I was TOO excited! haha. 

Myself and Lola getting ready to eat! 

It's a pig head. O.O Also, you can notice the mashed potatoes on my plate.. Eyen made fun of me for that. >_>

This is like 1/10 of the buffet. haha

Part of the Filipino section. 

They had a HUGE sushi selection, including uni! (sea urchin)

A cute fish decoration with sushi and veggies as the body. 

A whale they gave me for my bday! (They didn't really give it, you actually have to pay for it. haha) But Eyen bought it for me ^_^ hehe

This is uni. (sea urchin) It is really expensive in the U.S. at most places. It is really milky and tastes kind of like an oyster, but better! 


Chawanmushi (sha-wan-mu-shi) It is a soft tofu. This one had seafood in it. 

My favorite part.. The desserts >:]

This is putobungbong. (pu-toe-boong-bawng) It is a Filipino delicacy made out of rice. On the right is what it is steamed in. The bottom picture is what it looks like. It looks VERY odd, but it tastes good. It is served with butter and sugar. 

Lola making herself some Halo Halo. 

My ice-cream sundae. :)

Lola and I. 

She says I'm snow white, and she is the wicked grandma. (WEH!) Weh (pronounced 'way') is a Filipino expression which means like "you're lying" or "not true"

 I made my own Halo Halo, too! hehe

The difference in our cream after the Halo Halo. haha. Hers is orange and mine is purple. 

Dads was really fun, and we ate so much! The staff was also VERY friendly! Fortunately, I was able to escape the restaurant before they sang the embarrassing Happy Birthday song. haha. I would definitely go back there, though! 

Here is a little bit of what else that has been going on in Manila. Mostly they are just pictures of us eating, like always. :) 

One night we decided to get Lola out of the house, so we took her to the Mafia place around the corner called Good Fellas. 

This is Lola's mushroom soup and Kuya's dinner, steak with mushrooms and rice. 

Lola and Kuya. 

Eyen and myself with some crazy hair. haha

Lola's fish Florentine. It was SARAP!! 

Hahahahahaha. Lola is tooooooo funny! 

Lola and Kuya with their dinner. 

These are some photos from Eyen and I visited Mall of Asia! I actually wasn't too impressed. It is just a HUGE mall. That's all. It is in the top 10 biggest malls in the world, along with 2 other malls here in the Philippines. I have visited all of them. :)

Spike's treats! I miss Spike. 

Wanna watch a movie? Here are your choices... haha

For lunch we ate at Big City. It was pretty good! I had a Polish dog, and Eyen had steak and sausage. It was still sizzling! 

I was telling my mom how shopping here is different. There are SO many workers, and they usually bombard you as you enter the store. Here is a pic of at least 7 workers standing at the door... yikes! 

The military was putting on a show in the mall. 

We are always eating! Half cheese and half sour cream potato twist. 

Almost every mall has Superman displays! I was so excited! haha


I had a rocky road crepe. 

From crazy crepes! 

It was really good. 

For dinner, we ate at Mary Grace. Tita told us it was a really good place to eat, and she was right! We ordered the peach tea, and it was soooo good! 

This is onion dip with cassava chips and bacon carbonara. Very good!

We liked the peach tea so much, we ordered the sangria also. But it wasn't good. haha

Since we didn't like the tea, they replaced it with the raspberry for free! It was much better! Eyen had a cheese roll for dessert. :)

Lola was craving Filipino food, so the next day we took her to Bagoong Club. (ba-go-ong) It is a very famous place here in the Philippines. A lot of celebrities come to eat here. Bagoong is a shrimp paste. The restaurant serves several different kinds of pastes. 

The place mat with cool info. 

This is bagoong with singkamas. (ba-go-ong sing-ka-mas) It is paste with mexican potato. Eyen loved it! 

The beautiful Lola Yna. 

Lola and Kuya. 

Bagoong with green mango. 

I had chicken inasal. (in-a-sal) It is basically grilled chicken. 

Eyen and Lola had bingoongan and kare kare. (been-o-go-o-an) (car-aye car-aye) Bingoongan is a pork cooked with paste. Kare Kare is a peanut sauce. 

A close up of the chicken inasal. 

Our table of food! 

Leche flan! It is a dessert, and it was very good! Also, very MAHAL! (mahal means expensive) 

Kuya Dylan wearing his new shoes that his family bought him for Christmas! 

For dinner, Lola Yna wanted Filipino food AGAIN, so we decided to go to Kamay Kainan. (ca-my ca-e-none) It is a really popular Filipino buffet. 

They don't play when it comes to their buffets! 

My first plate! I'm not sure what I ate... O.o haha

Kuya and Eyen walking in the mall. :)

Myself and Lola eating out for Father's Day. We treated Lola out because she was basically mother, father, grandma, and grandpa. :) And she was GOOD AT IT! 

So beautiful. 

We hungry. 

Seaweed salad. 

Shoyu Ramen. It was really good! 

Salmon Katsu Rice. It was salmon with egg on top. Very sweet, but good. 

Sukiyaki for Lola since she was craving it. :)

Kuya had Tekka Maki (left) which is sushi with tuna and also Agedashi Tofu which is deep-fried tofu with tempura sauce. 

Lola and Kuya. 

Eyen, Lola, and Kuya.. Lola looks upset. lol. But she was happy! haha

Myself, Lola, and Kuya. 

For dessert, we went upstairs to Banapple. It was good! 

These weren't the only choices! There was a whole case full! 

Myself and Lola. 

Dark chocolate shake. Very sweet! 

White truffle berry cheesecake. YUM.

For lunch yesterday we ate at Mann Hann. It is a Chinese restaurant here in the Philippines. 

Lola was going to drink the whole liter of tea! haha. It was honey lemon tea. 

Hototai. (ho-toe-tie) It is veggies with meat in a soup. 

Sweet and sour fish. 

For dinner, we had Shakey's delivered to our house! It was raining outside, and we didn't want Lola to get sick... and we're lazy. haha We ordered Hawaiian pizza with mojo's. (potato wedges)

I thought this sign was funny. Every time we pass it, I giggle. Bulalo is a Filipino soup. Apparently Bulalo Republic has "probably the best" haha

Lasagna from Greenwhich for lunch! 

The mall was having a really cool Justice League display! 

Green Lantern. 



The Flash. 

Martian Man Hunter. He looked SUPER fake. haha

The past few days have been pretty fun. We have just been spending time with Lola and eating. Tomorrow we leave for BOHOL! I am so excited! Stay tuned for that blog because it will be a good one! We will be returning on Saturday, then on Monday we are leaving for HONG KONG!!! :D YAY! Can't wait! CHINA HERE WE COMEEEEE! 

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