Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Paradise of Boracay!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I have posted anything! We have been trying to get our plans settled and prepare for upcoming events for when we return to the states. We just got back from a trip to Boracay!(bore-rock-eye) I posted about Boracay in my original post saying how I couldn't wait to go here... And it didn't disappoint! It is the most beautiful beach I have been to. I have never felt sand so fine or seen water so clear and blue. It was a short trip, but it was definitely worth the experience!

Us at the airport SUPER early in the morning! Getting ready for take-off! 

This is the boat that brought us to the peninsula of Boracay! It was small and a little scary. 

A place in Boracay. haha. My bff's name. :)

We had brunch at a place called Jammers. Eyen and I had the breakfast burger, which had meat plus egg and bacon, with a side of onion rings. You could tell the onion rings were homemade! They were good! 

Kuya Dylan had the meatball hero! A meatball sub the size of his forearm! 

After we arrived, Eyen and I explored the beach since we couldn't check-in to our hotel yet. 

There are 3 station beaches in Boracay. Station 1, 2, and 3. Station 2 is where we stayed. Station 1 has the finder sand, while station 3 has the less white sand. In my opinion, Station 1 is the best. 

The water is so blue and clear! 


A cool pic that Eyen took in my sunglasses. 

This is a very well known place in Boracay. Eyen remembers coming to this place when she was 15. It's still here, and it expanded! 

Us waiting for our shake. 

She remembers it being really small with only one room. 

A newspaper article talking about the famous fruit shake in Boracay. You can see several places up and down the beach selling them. 

She ordered the chocolate shake, and it was good! 

A little rock formation in the water. 

I had to have one of these! A souvenir cup. hehe. It is from Beach Hut (like the sunscreen lotion). We ordered the Mango Sunrise Mojito. YUM!

Us with the drink. :) 

The view was just beautiful! Anywhere you go it's blue sky, blue water, hot sun, and fine sand! 

The only thing I didn't like about the beach was it is becoming very touristy. They are building all these clubs and bars along the beach, and I feel like it's taking away from it's natural beauty. There are a lot of tourists that come here, mostly white and Korean. There are people selling things all along the beach and the paths. Eyen taught me what to say to them when they approach me... "wala akong pera" which means "I don't have money". They laughed every time I said it! haha

The rock formation that I talked about earlier. 

If it's high tide, you have to wade out to the formation. If it's low tide, you can walk here. 

So pretty! 

Eyen taking some selfies. :)

Look at how blue the sky is!!!

The colors all contrast each other. The white clouds, blue sky, light sand, green trees.... God's wonderful nature! 

How we kept the sun off.. haha


Mango cheesecake from Cafe del Sol.. SARAP! 

Eyen wanted pusit. (squid) 

She first tried it with her dad, and now she loves it! 

Walking back to Station 1. 

You will see people (mostly kids!) making these up and down the beach. They are very talented! They build these, then charge people a fee to take pictures of them. At night, they put candles in them.. Very beautiful! 

Going swimming! This time we tried the Strawberry Yogurt Rush! Better than the first one! 

A picture Kuya took of the beach. You can see all the sailboats in the background! 


Clear water. 

I got super sunburned. I am so white, I knew I was going to burn. I put on so much sunscreen, but it was inevitable. lol 

Having fun on the beach! 

The bar at Beach Hut. 

Eyen and Lola Yna! 

We ordered a pizza for lunch at Red Coconut. 

Lola and Kuya walking on the beach during sunset. A beautiful picture! 

Lola excited for dinner! 

Kuya and Eyen. <3

Eyen and Lola with part of the buffet for dinner! 


The buffet included fresh prawns, ribs, blue marlin, squid, beef tenderloin, and other fresh seafood. We ate so much! 

Kuya and Lola at dinner. The salad bar. There was also a past bar. They try to fill you up with salad and past, so you will eat less of the grilled meats... BUT we aint falling for that! We ONLY ate the meat! hahaha. We definitely got our moneys worth! 

Eyen, Lola, and Kuya on the beach! 

This is a calamansi muffin! The Real Coffee Place is known for it! It was good!

Eyen and I had to leave almost a day earlier than Kuya and Lola because we had a different flight. While waiting for our flight, we ate Bulalo. It is sweetened bone marrow soup. It is really popular here in the Philippines.

Kuya and Lola ate at Jammers again. This is the XL burger... The size of Kuya's fist!!! 

Although it was a short trip, we made the best of the time. We had to make sure Lola stayed cool and in the shade, so we always brought the umbrella. I am so happy we were able to experience this! It was Lola, Kuya, and my first time to Boracay! Eyen came when she was younger, but she enjoyed it too! I would love to go back there one day! 

Stay posted for a few more blogs. We only have 2 weeks left here in the Philippines. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're having fun... I will definitely miss it here. 


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