Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last blog in Pinas

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but we haven't been doing much except get ready for our trip home. I'm sad to say that this will be my last blog post from Pinas, BUT it won't be the end of my blog! :) I am going to continue the blog to show you the inside view of the life of KATIE! hehe.

Sadly, today is our last day. We have a few loose ends to tie up before heading back on our flight to the United States. We have a long layover in Korea, and we might go on a day tour there, so stay tuned for more info on that.

I have some pictures from the past few weeks. They are mostly just photos of things we have eaten and a few places we have gone.

This is Mrs. Howard's bakeshop. It has been open for 26 years, and Eyen can remember coming here all the time after parent teacher conferences at her school. It is right across the street. 

Childhood memories!

We had the baked mac and cheese, mini burgers, spaghetti, and fries! It was very, very good! 

This is Eyen's school, St. Mary's. It is a private school, and has K-12 (or the equivalent). 

Her chocolate shake from St. Mary's. 

This is beef tapa from Roddicks. It is a well known for its tapa. 

This was a really cool experience. We went to an ice cream place called Iscreamist. They serve liquid nitrogen. O.O haha. You dip your ice cream into the nitrogen for 15 seconds, then wait 10 seconds, then eat! 

It was definitely weird. 

It's so cold, it looks like you're blowing smoke out of your mouth. 

This is the perfect face to describe how it tastes. haha. The experience was cool, but the ice cream wasn't very good completely frozen. 

It was kind of scary. haha

I wasn't sure what to think about it...


She likes it. 

Us just having fun. 

This is the warning sign inside of the place. If you can't read, you might be out of luck. Please take your time to read it because it kind of made me laugh. 

The beautiful Lola Yna. :) We ate lunch one day at a place called Cafe Mare. It is traditional Filipino food. 

This is binagoongan liempo. (bina-go-o-ng-an) It is like bagnet. 

This is molo soup. It is similar to wanton soup. 

Lola Yna with the food. 

She likes to serve us our soup. :)

This is ginataang (gee-na-ta-ang) halo-halo. It is like halo-halo, but it's warm and served with coconut milk. 

She was very excited for this! It was VERY sarap, too! 

A Filipino tamale. Lola loved it. She told me it's very hard to make, and her mother always said if it's hard to make, then it's good! 

We had dinner at Oyster Boy since Eyen was craving oysters. 

Garlic and cheese oysters. 

This is deep fried liempo and pinakbet. 

Lola with the food. 

This is our feast from Causeway. Dimsum, kongee, etc. 

We were taking photos in the mirror behind Lola. hehe. This is from Cafe Adratico. 

Eyen had a slice of sansrival cake, and I had French onion soup!

Lola had pancit. 

She likes posing with the food. hehe

You can still see us in the mirror. 


We went out with a group of Eyen's friends. This is Erika. 

The photos are kinda dark.

This is from Angel's burgers. We ordered 20 burgers to take to family in the province. Angel's is known to be very affordable. You can get 2 burgers for 29 pesos. (50 cents)

This is Lola Yna's house in the province!

Some photos Lola has in her bedroom. Family!

Tita Maggie, Lola's brother, and Lola. So cute!

Eyen in Lola's room. 

This is a very special place for Lola. She saved up her money for years, and then had the house built. She didn't tell anyone. One day, she brought her family to the province, and she told them "This is my house." They were all shocked because they had no idea!

This is Lola's new gate! She had it finished right before we arrived in the Philippines. 

A view of the back. 

A photo of Lola sitting in her house. :)

This is a house next to hers where her half sister lives. 

A huge cheese filled hot dog that Eyen bought... She was excited. 

It was as big as her arm. 

Lola Yna eating Taco Bell for the first time. 

Eating before our movie! 

Mrs. Field's cookies. 

We watched so many movies, I don't remember which one this was. hehe

We met up with Ate Cassie's friend Ate Cheeze. We ate at Saboten. It was good! 

Waiting for dinner. 

Kuya, Lola, and Eyen. 

Kuya, Ate Cheese, Lola and Eyen. We had cupcakes for dessert. 

Lola, myself, Ate Cham Cham, Ate Eunice, and Ate Cheeze!

Us being silly. 

Eyen and Lola. 


Berries and cream, choco surprise, strawberry cheesecake, and mango cream. YUM!


Eyen and Lola while we were printing our shirts. 


Our new friend in the back. haha

Lola enjoying her ice cream. 

She doesn't like my tarsier face. haha

We had Icebergs for dinner. It is supposed to be one of the best Halo-Halo's in town! 


They have lots of desserts!

She cut me out on purpose >_> *demonia!*


Filipino style steak. 

Her favorite pose. 

Eyen had the Cubano rice. 

I had a burger. :)

Mine and Lola's Halo-Halo! It didn't disappoint! 


Of course I didn't finish mine... But Lola finished hers! hehe

Teaching Lola how to use Skype, so when we are gone we will still be able to chat with her! :)

We are really sad to be leaving. It feels like we just got here, and we are fixing to go on another adventure. Our goal now is to go back to the U.S. and start saving our money, so we can come back again! We want to take Lola on more adventures! Thailand, Singapore, and who knows where else! 

Like I said, this is my last blog from Pinas. But stay tuned because I will have more to come! 

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