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Spring Break! Branson, Missouri and Hartford, Arkansas!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update: We have raised over $1,000 for my little brother! $1,105 to be exact! :) Thank you all so very much for this! If you would like to read his story and donate, the link is  Please read, donate, and share! Thank you again!

Spring Break 2014! While everyone was on the beach, Eyen and I decided to take my family to Branson, Missouri. It was very fun! We chose Branson because it is only about 2 hours from where we live. We used to go here all the time as kids, and I wanted Eyen to experience it. We were able to go to Silver Dollar City, The Wax Museum, The Dixie Stampede, etc. We had an awesome time!

 The drive up to Silver Dollar City!It was very beautiful.

 Silver Dollar City is a little difficult to explain. It is so neat! It is a park about the first Pioneers in the United States!

 All of the shops are small and quaint.

 You will find blacksmiths, glass blowers, leather makers, candy shops, etc. All kinds of things!
 My brother Jesse and I getting ready to ride Outlaw Run! It is the newest roller coaster here, and it is made of wood. It was legitimately SCARY!

 A cute carriage in the park. 
 My face wasn't so enthusiastic after the ride... Jesse was not happy at all. (I forced him to ride this. hehe) It was crazy.

Up, Up, and Away! 
 The park is full of hills, so it was a little difficult pushing Chandler up the really steep hills. But we made it work! :)

 Exploring the park.
 A few of the little shops in the park.

 Selfie! About to ride the train. Chandler actually got to ride this ride!

 HAHAHA How appropriate is this picture?? VERY! ;)
Chandler and his beautiful smile! He was so happy!

 Family photo!

 Train time! It was a fun little ride. It also included a small skit that was pretty cute.

 We had a blast!
 The small skit during the train ride.

 This is one of the skillet bowls the park has. It has veggies including green beans, potatoes, corn, etc. It was pretty good! But the family enjoyed the pulled pork skillet more.

 I thought this was really neat! This is one of the oldest original homesteads in the United States!
 This is a photo of our hotel. It had Veteran photos on the wall down the hallway. It was neat!

 For dinner we ate at Starvin' Marvins. They had all you can eat crab legs for only $29.99! Eyen and I had about 100 crab legs that night. haha. Below is the shirt the waitresses were wearing. It's cute!

 Hotel selfie!
 We had breakfast at Grand Country Inn. It was amazing!

My mom told me she really wanted to go to the Wax Museum. We had a great time! 

 Mom taking some of his chocolates. haha. So, is life really like a box of chocolates?
 Of course this is where I belong. Lady Gaga is super short!
 Jesse with Michael Jackson. haha.
 I dream of genie!

 Well, she really likes Katy Perry. LOL.

 Jesse hiding behind Nicholas Cage. I'm trying to tap my heels together because there's no place like home! lol

 Chandler with W.C. Fields! Chandler dressed up as him once before.
 Trek yourself before you wreck yourself! Trekkies for life!
 This terminator figure was really cool!
 Eyen said I had to take a pic with him since I act like him. >_> I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean.
 Getting kicked in the face by one of the angels.
 Willie Nelson!

 My mom's favorite movie! She was super excited about this!

 My mom with John Wayne, and Jesse with Clint Eastwood.
This was definitely one of our favorite parts of the museum! The monster area. :) It was awesome!

 Dracula and Phantom of the Opera.

 Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees.
 Jesse running from Jason. Jason will walk briskly while Jesse sprints. Jesse will trip over nothing, then all of a sudden Jason will be there... That's how it goes, right? lol
 Tales from the Crypt. One of my favs as a child. Yes, I watched this as a child. haha

 Scream, Leatherface, and Hannibal Lecter.

 Mom in Elvira's chair and Legend.

 If you ain't first, yer last!
 Here come the Men in Blackkk..
 Yeah, I'll just take him this way. K bye Angelina.
 He looked the realest of them all!
 Of course this was my favorite part! I <3 Johnny Depp FOREVER!

 He even had little hairs on his upper lip.
 For dessert, we ate a place called Cakes N Cream Dessert Parlor. It was super cute! It was decorated like the 50's.

 Jesse had the banana split. It was huge!

 We played Elvis, The Beach Boys, Richie Valens, etc. on the jukebox!
 My mom got Chandler some really cool light up shades. :)

 Selfie at the Dixie Stampede! We had a strawberry daiquiri. Everything is alcohol free. This is a family place and family oriented. The pre-show was AMAZING! The juggler was awesome!

 We didn't get many photos of the actual show because cameras aren't allowed. Jesse and I actually got chosen from the 1200 people there to compete in one of their games. We won!! :)

Branson was a super fun vacation for us and my family. Chandler had a great time, and I think everyone else really enjoyed it as well. It's a really relaxing place to go. 

The upcoming photos are some that we took of the rest of our stay in Hartford with my mom! Hartford is a small town, population 772. (maybe less now.)

 This is an awesome salmon casserole my mom made! Eyen LOVED it!

 This is a new place in Hartford. It is called Pony Express-O. They serve breakfast and have daily lunch specials they serve as well. The owners are trying to liven Hartford back up! It used to have bustling streets and was the place to be! Lately, it hasn't exactly been the place anyone wants to be. But the community is coming together to bring Hartford good things! I am excited to see where the ideas go!
 This is the inside. There are 3 tables you can sit at. It's very small but super cute!
 This is called a hog egg! It is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage with a layer of crushed flakes. WOW! I would have never thought of this!

 This is the inside. Uh yeah. That's awesome!
 We had a ton of fun on this trip! We can't wait to go back and visit. We have plans with my mom to renovate the inside of her house! We are going to make Chandler's sensory room AMAZING, make a guest room for Eyen and I, and I have a special project for her and Harold's room! I will be doing a blog about it, so expect it around late June or so!

My next blog will be about.......

Washington D.C.! We are leaving in the morning! I will have it up sometime next week! So be ready for the awesome food, amazing tours, and all the fun things we will be doing! \

Here are some extra pics from the museum. :)

 I wasn't kidding when I said Lady Gaga is really short. She is like, SUPER SHORT! (My height) I expected her to be taller! lol

 One of my mom's favorite actors! lol.
 Yeah.. That's Johnny. 

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